Cara Root HTC Sensation [Tutorial]


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Cara Root HTC Sensation

Step 1. To S-OFF your Sensation – (You do not need to do this if you have S-off already or done this before) – WORKING NOW for TMOUS users
Visit http://revolutionary.io/
download the application for your operating System. AND EXTRACT IT TO A FOLDER
YOU MAY NEED TO DISABLE YOUR ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM- Norton is flagging up Revolutionary as a Virus when it isn’t
Fill out the form under the download links with your OS, Device, Hboot Version and Serial number. This will give your beta key to enable you to S – OFF. Make a note of this.



How To get your Hboot Version – 3 methods below
1. Run the revolutionary Utility you just downloaded from http://revolutionary.io/ and if it has found your device it should read
“Found your Device: HTC Sensation Z710* Applications -> Development)
4. With the phone switched on (not in HBOOT, just the regular home screen), plug in your USB cable and select HTC sync mode.(IGNORE any warning messages on your phone telling you it cannot find HTC Sync )

5. Launch revolutionary.exe. It should detect the phone and ask for your beta key. Type it (BE CAREFUL, as its case sensitive) or copy and paste it in.
If Revolutionary fails to find your phone verify you have all the drivers installed, try disk drive mode or charging mode (Linux users can use disk drive mode. Confirmed to be working by others)
6. Once you have entered your beta key correctly, follow any on screen prompts or actions from revolutionary and wait for it to S-Off,
7. You’re done. Your Device will Successfully have S-OFF….if it hangs on method 3 and doesn’t S-Off. See post 2 below for solutions.
IF REVOLUTIONARY SAYS FAILED YOUR PHONE IS NOT SUPPORTED. Go back and check hboot using the methods above. some users are told its failed and they still have S off now. If you have S-off your hboot will now be 1.17.1011 and revolutionary will tell you now your device is not supported

8. Revolutionary will now ask you to Install clockwork recovery mod after S OFF. Type N and install it manually below (the recovery provided is v4.0.1.4 doesn’t charge when device is switched off, the one below v5.0.0.1 does charge)
9. Your Device now is S-off.

To install clockwork recovery for the sensation. Follow step 2!

STEP 2. To INSTALL Recovery - v5.0.0.8

1. Download recovery v5.0.0.8 for the Sensation HERE: or Multiupload
2. Copy the PG58IMG file into the Root folder of your SD card (The main Folder of your Memory Card)
3. Turn off your phone FUlly and reboot into the Bootloader/HBOOT screen (see post above on how to get to hboot screen)
4. Press Volume up to Accept when it asks” Do you want to start the update”
5. Press Power Off to Reboot back to android after installation is successful (normal screen with homescreen)
6. Delete PG58IMG from your memory card and you can now root using step 3 below or install a custom ROM using CWM (Customs Roms are already rooted)

7. OPTIONAL: Boot into recovery or Completely switch off (Fastboot disabled or remove and reinsert battery)
Follow STEP 4 SUPER CID sub steps 1-6 to get adb running
8. Enter the command “adb shell cat /sys/devices/platform/htc_battery/power_supply/battery/status” Phone will confirm it is “CHARGING”

Charging issues fixed with new clockwork recovery. writing is now BLUE not purple or orange

Step 3. To permanently root your Sensation – (This means you will NOT LOSE ROOT on rebooting)
1. Download the file su- from here: DOWNLOAD
2. Copy su- to your SD card root folder (main folder of your memory card)
3. Start clockworkmod recovery (instructions below. See To Start Clockwork recovery)
5. Navigate to “Backup & Restore” using the Volume Down button and press select (power button to select) then select “Backup”
6. Select “install zip from sdcard” after backing up
7. Then select “Choose zip from sdcard”
8. Then select “su-”
9. Then select “Yes – install su-” to confirm
10. Then go back
11. Then reboot.
12. You’re rooted!

If you are getting error messages regarding S-OFF, Rooting or installation – Troubleshoot below in post 2

STEP 4. WRITE SUPER CID [YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS ONCE]- (continue from step 11 below if you have already done this)
(allows you to flash ANY ROM to the device regardless of the carrier. Just click RUU.EXE)

1. Download adb tools here: download for WINDOWS or download for LINUX or from the attachments below
2. On your pc click on your local disk C: Drive (or D: drive for some) (WINDOWS users: Start > My computer > Local Disk (C)
3. Create a new folder called “adb” and extract the files from adb.zip into it. Make sure it doesn’t create another folder in the adb folder when extracting

4. open command prompt (or terminal for linux) and type “cd” “followed by the path to your adb folder” (windows users can type “cd C:\adb”)
5. Ensure your phone is switched on (regular home screen) and connect it by USB in charging mode (Ensure usb debugging is on settings)
6. enter the command “adb devices”. This is to confirm your phone is connected. (It should come back with list of devices attached and your serial number)
7. enter the command “adb reboot-bootloader”. (nothing further required device WILL reboot in bootloader)

IF it doesn’t you can Manually put the phone in the bootloader/hboot mode
Navigate to fastboot by pressing volume down and pressing power button to select (power off > vol down + power on)
It will take you to the fastboot bootloader screen on your phone
Connect your phone via USB
Your Screen should now read fastboot USB

8. enter the command “fastboot oem writecid 11111111″
9. enter the command “fastboot reboot-bootloader (Wait for it to reboot the bootloader)
10. enter the command “fastboot getvar cid” [it should confirm your CID is 11111111]
11. enter the command “fastboot reboot”
12. You can now flash any ROM you like.